David's Recipe for Stir Fried Tofu with Leeks

I had to design a meal where the guest of honor was a vegetarian.

Main Course, Malaysian

  • 4 330-gram packages tofu
  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 3 leeks
  • 1/2 liter boiling water
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 150 grams dark miso
  • 3 soup spoons (or more) demerara sugar
  • Chopped red chilis to taste
  1. Slice the tofu into slices 3/4 cm. thick.
  2. On a high flame, use some of the oil to saute a single layer of tofu until it is very lightly browned on the first side, about 3 minutes. Turn and saute the other side; this will take about 2 minutes. Remove the browned tofu and continue until all of it is browned. Set aside.
  3. Slice the leeks, both white and green parts, into slices 5 cm. long. Slice them in half lengthwise to get little sheets. Saute about a minute on a high flame, until they become darker and almost translucent.
  4. Add back the tofu.
  5. Mix in the water, garlic, sugar, and chilis. Bring back to a boil and then reduce to a simmer.
  6. In a bowl, gradually mix some of the 'soup' into the miso, a little at a time, until it is liquid.
  7. Reduce the flame to a very low simmer.
  8. Mix the miso mixture into the tofu and its soup.
  9. Simmer for a few more minutes, turning occasionally so that the tastes are evenly distributed.
  10. Can be served immediately or reheated. If you are keeping it to reheat, continue turning the stew once in a while so the tofu absorbs the other flavors evenly.

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